About Celtic Angel - Leela Fraser

Celtic Angel, Leela Barbara Fraser is a fourth generation Celtic Canadian singer of Scottish and Irish ancestry.  She was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, into a musical family.  All eight children of the musical Fraser family grew up singing Celtic and Christian Music at community events in Eastern Canada.

Leela pursued her passion for music diligently and is a professionally trained soprano with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice and a Diploma in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS. She is extremely creative at composing and recording, and understands the theories and intricate procedures of music making. In the past she has composed, recorded and performed not only Celtic Music, but also Eastern Mantras, Music for Yoga, and Live Indian Music.

Leela’s angelic singing voice makes her a natural singer of Celtic songs and melodies. Currently Leela is composing, arranging, and developing a unique style of Celtic Music that blends traditional classic Celtic melodies, both Scottish and Irish, and instruments such as the bagpipes, bodhran, tin whistle, Celtic harp, violin, piano, guitar, and strings with her timeless, unique style of Canadian Celtic Music. Her sweet, melodic voice highlights these instruments to create the special, ethereal mood that characterizes her music.

Much of Leela’s inspiration for music came from her mother, Lillian (Ryan) and father, James Fraser. Lillian was a soprano who frequently performed as a church choir soloist and at local Celtic music events, concerts, and  in musical theater.  Leela has a great affinity for the bagpipes, as she grew up hearing her father playing them most evenings, often lullabying her to sleep.  Her father is also a popular local Scottish fiddler in NS.

Leela’s younger sister, Maureen, is a professional Scottish step-dancer and has a thriving step-dancing school in Antigonish, NS.  Her older sister, Patricia, is a high school music teacher and flautist who performs Celtic and other styles of music with her brother, Wayne, a guitarist.
Over time, Leela has witnessed the disappearance of many Iconic Celtic folk songs due to the advent of new musical genres and styles.  This has motivated her to take on the project of recording and reviving traditional Celtic songs.

Celtic Wild Mountain Thyme