Testimionials of Celtic Hits

Celtic Hits gets off to a good start with The Wild Mountain Thyme, one of the loveliest melodies ever. It's apparent Leela Fraser has approached this 16-track collection of well-known Scottish and Irish tunes with reverence. Appearing as Celtic Angel, Fraser delicately lets her soprano voice exalt Danny Boy, Amazing Grace and Mairi's Wedding. It's very nice, but raises one criticism: Celtic Hits might be too pretty. About halfway through, you wish Fraser was more imposing, asserting her character and a little muscle that wasn't so respectful.
*** "I like it. Sweet voice, nice delivery, pleasant accompaniment. Fine selection. Good addition to Green FM library " Richard Moses, is one of the contributing programmer at CFSI Green 107.9 FM, it is the first radio station to be licensed in Salt Spring Island in British Columbia. He is a former programmer with CKUA in Edmonton and CJRT in Toronto.
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*** "You have a voice like a soothing bell. Thank you. Ever listened to Van Morrison's "Irish Heartbeat" CD? He did the album with the Chieftains and they do a lovely rendition of "Mairi's Wedding" - very good arrangements on your album...Namaste" Sir David Silver - Podcast writer of Mindrolling, featuring David Silver & Raghu Markus, is about coming unstuck from mental slavery, it is about the intersection of culture and consciousness and realization. Go to to listen to new episodes weekly!
*** A lovely voice singing songs that remind of us of our Celtic roots! Barry Mackinnon 98/9 FM
*** "We listen to the CD whenever we can. Most certainly when we are driving. Congratulations Leela. The Lilts are so soothing. Your efforts which must have been considerable I am sure have been most favourably received. You are very talented. Thank you for sending to us the CD." Dr. Manmeet Singh, UK
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